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What is YOUR body made of?

Ever wonder how much fat or lean muscle your body has? You may have tried using calculators, pinch tests, and possibly even some more sophisticated commercial tests. But, have you used the GOLD standard technology available at Dexa Body? We can show you exactly what your body is made of in a quick 10 minute scan, which is accurate, painless, and gives you insight you can trust. Body Fat testing has never been easier!

Body Fat Testing with GE Lunar iDXA (Dexa)

GE Lunar iDXA

What is a DEXA scan?

DEXA (Dual-energy X-ray Absorptiometry) is research grade technology which provides accurate and precise measurement of body fat, lean mass, and bone density.

It is considered the GOLD standard of body fat testing and body composition analysis and is used worldwide by elite athletes and teams like the Green Bay Packers, the British Triathlon team, and is used at the US Olympic training center in Colorado Springs.

The scan is fast, highly accurate, and requires no special clothing. It takes about 10 minutes and exposes you to less radiation than a 1 hour flight.

What will I learn?

Our comprehensive 7 page report provides you with a detailed understanding of your body composition. It includes:

  • Total body fat percentage
  • Total lean percentage
  • Bone Density
  • Muscle Symmetry
  • Regional composition (i.e. How much fat, lean, and bone in arms, legs, trunk, etc)
  • Images of bone, lean, and fat tissue

Body Composition Testing for Athletes

Athletes have specialized requirements for body composition. From body building to running, understanding your body composition can help your improve your performance in your sport of choice.

With Dexa, you can:

  • Understand key areas of muscle and see gains as you train
  • Visualize areas of fat in different regions of your body, which may be hindering your performance
  • Analyze muscle symmetry in specific body regions, helping to identify possible weaknesses and help you focus your training regimen
  • Identify areas of possible concern with bone density

Muscle & Skeleton Run

Body Composition Testing for Weight Loss

Weight Loss

The scale doesn’t show the complete picture of your overall health. Increasing your activity level can lead to increased muscle and decreased fat levels without the scale budging.

At Dexa Body, we believe that information is a key component of improving your health. Whether you are starting a new exercise program, trying to lose weight through dieting, or just curious about your progress, the Dexa scan offers actionable insight.

With Dexa, you can:

  • Establish a baseline at the start of your fitness or diet plan
  • Monitor your progress in various body regions
  • Identify locations that need extra attention during workouts
  • Monitor your true health improvements by seeing reductions in your body fat percentage

What about other methods of body fat testing?

There are many methods of body fat testing available today. Each method has advantages and disadvantages. At Dexa Body, we believe in providing the best available technology to our customers, right here in the Salt Lake valley. After reviewing the available evidence, our team concluded that the DEXA scan was the best method to provide our clients with accurate, actionable body composition analytics.

The Dexa scan is widely considered the GOLD standard of body composition analysis and body fat testing. It has the LOWEST error rates available, provides the most COMFORTABLE test, and the scan can be conducted in normal workout clothing, without any special preparation.

Here is some additional information on Dexa Scanning:

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Which test should I trust when measuring my body fat?


The GE Lunar iDXA scanner is very safe. In fact, the radiation exposure that you receive going about your day (natural background radiation) exceeds the exposure from one DEXA scan. Our scan provides a radiation dose similar to:

  • A one hour flight
  • 4 Bananas
  • A bag of nuts

Our Technology

At Dexa Body, we offer the GE Lunar iDXA scanner, which offers the latest advances in Dual-energy X-ray Absorptiometry. It supports the following features:

  • Accommodates a wider variety of body types (up to 450 lbs)
  • Arm height increased to accommodate larger individuals
  • Larger testing bed offers improved ability to support taller individuals
  • Offers research-grade image resolution and exacting precision