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Dexa Body. The way to better Health


Accurate measurements, clear nutritional guidance, concierge-level corporate wellness

Dexa Body Core Services

Testing Services

- DEXA Body Composition Analysis
- Vo2 Max Fitness Testing
- Resting Metabolic Rate Testing
- Genetics-Based Health Management

Nutrition Services

- General Health Nutrition
- Sports Nutrition
- Self-Paced Nutrition
- Nutrition Presentations

Health Coaching Services

- Realistic Goal Setting and Wellness Visions
- Education and Filling Information Gaps
- Accountability Partners and Resources

Personal Training

- Thorough Analysis of your Health
- Application Based Programming
- Improve Overall Fitness and Strength
- Specialized Programming

Corporate Health & Wellness

- Holistic Wellness Approach
- Diagnostic Testing
- Nutritional Guidance
- Healthcare Navigation

For true health, you’ve got to know your baseline.

Whether your goals center around wellness, weight loss, optimized performance, or better employee health (and reduced corporate healthcare costs), the information you have matters. How can you make a change if you don’t know where you’re at? 

Dexa Body gives you the details.

The Dexa Body Difference


We end the confusion around the right health decisions for YOUR BODY with accurate info and helpful experts who empower you to make confident changes.


There’s more to health than the scale! We give you insight into what’s really going on in your body to motivate you to make the right changes for real results. 


We’re here to make sure you always know what the data is telling you and how you should apply it for holistic wellness and life-changing progress.

Dexa Body has been a great help for me. The quick feedback tells me if the diet/exercise changes I have made are working. Their in-house Registered Dietitian has a wealth of knowledge, and there’s never any pressure or feelings of failure. There’s a very positive feeling. I’m very grateful to have Dexa Body on my health and wellness team.

Dave Wallis

How Does It Work?


Schedule Your Appointment

Book a time to see us in-office or in one of our mobile units.

Get Tested

We’ll perform your tests, review your results, and answer your questions.

Make Healthy Changes

Using your results you can make educated health choices or work with our nutrition team for personalized coaching.

Wondering how it works for an entire company in a corporate wellness program?

We can easily come to you with our mobile testing unit! We offer services ranging from on-site Dexa Body Composition Analysis Testing, Nutritional Guidance/Education to Concierge-level Healthcare Navigation. Let’s talk about your company’s needs today. Explore our corporate wellness program or schedule a discovery call today.

Who Do We Work With

We work with anyone with a body who wants to be feel better, do better, and be healthier. That means we work with people, groups, and partners from all over.





Trainers & Wellness Coaches

Professional & Collegiate Athletics

Health Clubs & Gyms

Physicians & Healthcare Providers

Measure It. Track It. Change It.

The cross-your-fingers-and-hope-it-works method of making health and fitness decisions doesn’t fit our modern age. At Dexa Body we take a different approach—empowering you to know exactly what’s going on and exactly what’s working (and what’s not)!

We’re on a mission to provide you the information and guidance you need to change your life and achieve your health and wellness goals.

Highly recommend if you’re serious about making some life changes and you want the ability to track progress. My scans have motivated me to keep improving. Love it!

Dr. Mitch Duckworth

Great way to get amazing insight into your health. The scan is able to give you feedback where others can't. I get one regularly to know how I am doing and where I can improve.

Nick Becker

Really cool way to find out what's really happening with my body, rather than relying on BMI or simple weight measurements. Staff has always been super courteous and personable every time I've gone. Definitely looking forward to going back!

Arielle Myers

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