Corporate Healthcare & Wellness

Concierge-level support to reduce corporate healthcare costs while improving employee outcomes

We’re on a mission to improve healthcare

What started as an effort to help individuals improve their health with the right preventative care has evolved into a crusade to help businesses of all sizes empower their people to get the most out of their healthcare (while also reducing corporation’s healthcare costs).

Dexa Body is a Better Way to be Healthy

How Does It Work

True health is multifaceted, and that’s why we take a holistic, 3-legged approach to helping your people become healthier for better results and decreased costs.

Motivational Diagnostic

Our accurate testing services give your people a baseline of where they’re at as well as a clear path forward, motivating them to make the changes needed to improve health.

Empowering Nutritional Guidance

What you eat has a huge impact on health, but with so much info out there it’s hard to really know what’s best. Give your people the answers they need with access to a dietician.

Intuitive Care Navigation Solution

We’ve partnered with Rightway to drive greater healthcare value by giving your employees concierge-level, tailored support to maximize health outcomes.

Every company is different

Just like every body is unique, every business is unique too. Let’s talk about what makes the most sense for your company and create a tailored corporate wellness plan that will help your people maximize the healthcare benefits you’re already offering while reducing costs and improving outcomes. 

Diagnostic Testing

Our accurate diagnostic testing services are the gold standard for body composition testing, and they make it easy to understand your lean muscle mass, visceral fat (organ fat), bone density, muscle symmetry, and body fat percentage and obesity metrics.

With this data in hand, your people have a baseline that motivates change as well as data than our nutrition and health navigator teams can use to help them improve their health.

Dietetic Nutrition Services

Our nutrition team offers company-wide nutrition support through live webinars or in-person workshops, cooking demos, breakroom/cafeteria menu revamps, grocery shopping tours, recipes, educational resources, and one-on-one personalized nutrition support for your employees.

Support at this level helps your people see real results as they gain confidence in their food choices, have the motivation and encouragement to make changes, and simply feel better (improving their mood and energy at work!).

Smart, Clinical Navigation

Through our partnership with Rightway, our corporate wellness program includes comprehensive care navigation to guide employees to take action on their health and wellness goals. With Rightway Navigation, every member has a clinician-led care team with a dedicated health guide. When care is needed, Rightway’s clinical guides navigate your members to the highest-quality providers and support them through the care decision process. We also help members take advantage of Dexa testing, nutritional counseling, and other available benefit programs to optimize their health and wellbeing.

Rightway’s smart, clinical care navigation solution simplifies the complexity of today’s healthcare landscape and reduces overall costs while improving health outcomes for your members.

Dexa Body. A Better Way.

Let’s talk about your organization’s healthcare needs today and how Dexa Body can help your people get more out of the health benefits you’re already providing, reduce costs, and help your people be more healthy.

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