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The Dexa Body Team

President & CEO

Brandon Sheppard

Brandon is one of the original founders of Dexa Body and brings 20+ years of experience from founding several other companies in various industries. As a certified health coach, he’s perfectly suited to assist individuals, organizations, and companies with their wellness goals.

Brandon founded Dexa Body as a solution to the messy healthcare system, he is focused on providing preventative healthcare measures to individuals, families, and corporations alike. By informing people in a safe, non-judgemental zone, Brandon and his team at Dexa Body help people from all walks of life, no matter where they are in their healthcare journey.

Outside of work, Brandon loves to spend time with his wife Veronica, their children, and grandchild in the amazing Utah outdoors. Favorite activities include hiking, biking, golfing, and watching Utah football.

Vice President

Veronica Sheppard

Veronica is one of the founders of Dexa Body. She brings a unique set of tools and skills to the company’s management. She also administers the diagnostic testing in-office and reviews results with clients.

One of Veronica’s favorite things about working at Dexa Body is suporting clients as they progress towards a healthier lifestyle.

She spends her free time outdoors with her family and especially loves playing with her grandson.

Director of Nutrition Services

Kelly Gomez, MS, RDN, CD

Kelly is incredibly passionate about the combination of counseling and science that we provide at Dexa Body. As our Director of Nutrition Services she works hard to help clients understand how important nutrition is to their overall health.

She recently graduated with her Masters of Science in nutrition science, building on her bachelors in kinesiology. During her time in school, she worked with clients who needed meal plans, nutrition counseling, and sports nutrition information. Now, she brings that experience to the Dexa Body team.

In her free time, Kelly plays different sports with friends (including soccer, frisbee, and volleyball), watches movies with her husband and pups, and hangs out with her family.

Senior Sales Executive

David R. Herbrig, CPSP, CSLP

As a 30 year industry veteran, David has built considerable expertise in sales management by helping large national corporations create mutually beneficial relationships within the business community. In his role with Dexa Body, he works hard to provide unique solutions to organizations of all sorts, ranging from business entities to county governments to school districts.

David has earned several sales certifications including CPSP, Spin Selling, CSLP, and Sandler Training. With all this experience, he is adept at helping corporations find the solutions they need to revolutionize their healthcare with concierge-level support.

In his free time, David loves to travel to interesting places. Some of his favorite past adventures include Kihei, Maui; Leucadia, California; and Leuven, Belgium. When David isn’t globetrotting, he’s spending his time on the golf course or with his black Labrador, Cocoa.

Wellness Consultant and Sales

Aubrey Richards

Aubrey has been with Dexa Body for over 5 years and brings a lot of common sense, social skills, and know-how from her previous jobs. She combines her people skills with an eye for informative detail to help Dexa Body’s clients.

Aubrey loves to spend her time with her husband, Alex, and their son, Theo.

Wellness Consultant and Sales Executive

Jocelyn Fronk, ACSM-EP

Jocelyn brings more then a decade of health consultation experience to the Dexa Body team with her Bachelor's degree in Exercise and Wellness and Minor in Nutrition. As an exercise physiologist through the American College of Sports Medicine, her main responsibilities include client interactions during diagnostic testing and reviewing test results. She also serves as our Quality Control Administrator.

She loves to meet new people, learn about their goals, and help advise them on how to achieve those goals. Jocelyn’s mantra is the more you know, the more educated your decisions can be. Her goal is to help people discover the lifestyle that best suits their objectives and happiness.

Jocelyn spends her time outdoors with her husband Cory and their daughter Emily. She enjoys gardening, mountain biking, cooking, and touring national parks.

Sales Executive & Health/Wellness Consultant


Dillon has been working in fitness since 2013 as a full-time strength coach and brings key experience from his time as a Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps. His main goals in his position at Dexa Body include providing good sales experiences to corporations, gyms, sport teams, and individuals while maintaining good relationships with clients both new and recurring.

With a Bachelor’s in Sports Science and Performance Programming from Arizona State University, Dillon loves talking with people about their fitness journeys. Dillon enjoys seeing people understand their numbers, make changes in their lives, and watch how that action makes them healthier.

Dillon loves to be physically active in his free time (especially through weight training), and he also loves learning new things through conversations with his clients, traveling, and watching movies.

Sales Executive & Health/Wellness Consultant

Lauren Hadley, NASM-CPT

Lauren has been working in the health and fitness industry for 6+ years as a certified personal trainer, functional fitness consultant, and fitness tester. She has completed her associates in Health Education and Promotion with an emphasis in Nutrition and is continuing to take classes to complete her bachelor's degree.

Her main responsibilities at Dexa Body include providing corporate offices, gyms, and other centers across Utah on-site composition scans and consults with clients through the Dexa Body mobile unit. Lauren provides key insights on the Dexa Body results and makes sure to empower clients by reminding them that knowing their body is important because everybody is different. Lauren often reminds her clients that there is not just ONE way to lose weight and that knowing your own body can help you achieve your specific goals.

Lauren likes to spend time with friends, go snowboarding, and go to concerts when she isn’t enjoying her time home with her pets.

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