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Nutrition Services at 1-800 Contacts

As part of being a 1-800 employee, you have access to your very own dietitian through our partner, Dexa Body.

We’ll Help You Navigate The Complexities!

It’s no secret that our relationship with food is complex and impacted by a variety of different factors. Let us help you navigate these complexities!

Our RD’s are here to help you heal your relationship with food. We improve your overall health and wellbeing through nutrition and behavior change. By providing expert advice, and accountability, you’ll feel confident in making the best choices for your body and your health.

Why Work with a Dietitian?


Move forward with the confidence of knowing you have an actionable plan for real results.


Find clarity in your path forward and watch as motivation to change naturally follows.


Achieve your goals towards optimal health, with the support and guidance of an expert registered dietitian focused on you.

We Focus On

At Dexa Body, we take a holistic and collaborative approach to examining and enhancing your health and nutrition.

  • Medical nutrition therapy
  • Dispelling nutrition myths
  • Intuitive eating
  • Healthy food choices
  • Dietary improvements
  • Lifestyle modifications
  • Mindfulness around eating
  • Macro & micronutrient needs
  • Stress management
  • Optimal sleep patterns
  • Strategies for dining out
  • Grocery store navigation

Hear From Your Dietitian

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