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Performance Nutrition

Elite performance nutrition for all athletes

Nutrition Coach for Athletes

How an athlete fuels their body is often the difference between success and failure. Let us help you find success through nutrition!

Our Registered Dietitians are trained to navigate the challenges that athletes face. We help to optimize performance, through nutrition, by providing athletes with the knowledge, resources, and support they need to fuel themselves for their sport.

We Focus On

We take a collaborative approach with athletes and their performance team to make sure each athlete has the best opportunity to succeed in their sport.

  • Meal structure
  • Optimal food choices
  • Planning meals
  • Snacking for sport
  • Food and meal prep
  • Fueling for workouts
  • Fueling for competition
  • Fueling for recovery
  • Fueling for energy and sleep
  • Body composition changes
  • Travel nutrition
  • Grocery store help

Nutrition Coaching for Athletes

Programs are billed monthly and require no commitment beyond the first month. You can cancel at anytime.

Month 1

  • Dexa Scan to assess body composition and establish a baseline
  • RMR test to understand individual metabolism
  • Comprehensive athlete nutrition assessment
  • 2 hours of personalized nutrition coaching for the athlete
  • Broken up two, 60 minutes sessions
  • Building a foundation through education and goal setting
  • Customized nutrition and fueling plan
  • 24/7 messaging, scheduling, and access to the resource through our online platform

$500 / 1st month

Month 2 and Beyond

  • Continue to expand on the foundation we built in month 1
  • 1 hour of personalized nutrition coaching for the athlete
  • Can be one, 60-minute session or two, 30-minute sessions
  • Update nutrition and fueling plan based on feedback and athlete needs
  • 24/7 messaging, scheduling, and access to resources through our online platform

$175 / 2nd month on

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